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Others are being tested with difficulty while we are being tested with ease. Nouman Ali Khan  (via jannatulfirdous)

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The shells drop,
One by one,
Phosphorous gas
On the newborn son.

The Family buried
Under rubble and ash.
They say there were warnings
But nowhere to dash.

The field was on fire,
The bodies lie listless,
Still stuck in their seats
With no hint of distress.

The Sunflower fields that
Shine bright in the grey,
Now filled with white flags
That mark where they lay.

And I’m sat with my laptop,
Her head in my hands,
In the throes of dispair
At the broad state of Man.

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Dear Israel,
You have been fighting Palestine for about 60 years now, using advanced weapons and America’s financial aid against a country that has no army, no weapons, no money and no central government. And you still haven’t managed to win. When will you get it? You can’t beat a country that is protected by Allah. (via my-sacred-inspirations)

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